New technologies at the Mentsikhang

The two Tibetan medical panels at the XIth seminar at Königswinter, Germany, in 2006 included thirty-four papers on a wide range of topics relating to Tibetan medicine. This volume publishes a selection of those papers in both English and Tibetan, with a preface by Geoffrey Samuel and an Introduction by Sienna Craig, Mingji Cuomu, Frances Garrett, and Mona Schrempf.

PART ONE  Tibetan Medicine in Modern Contexts: Challenges and Innovation: Alex McKay, “Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan: the myth of venereal disease”; Colin Millard, “Illness narratives and idioms of meaning in two Tibetan medical clinics”; Vincanne Adams, Renqing Dongzhu, Phuoc V. Le, “Translating science: the Arura Medical Group at the frontiers of medical research”; Cynthia Husted and Lobsang Dhondup, “Bridging the gap between science and traditional medicine: microscopic and macroscopic correlations of the three nyes pa in Multiple Sclerosis”; Drolma Tso, “Perspectives and experiences on the training of Tibetan medicine practitioners”; Jigmed Phuntsok, “Dus rabs nyer gcig pa’i gso rig gi rgyal bo chen po bod kyi sna mang gso rig gi khyad chos dang sna gcig gso rig bar gyi drang bden brjod pa seng phrug gi nga ro”

PART TWO  Medical Pluralism: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives: Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim, “On urine analysis and Tibetan medicine’s connections with the west”; Mingji Cuomu, “Bod kyi gso rig thun min gyi nad khams rnam bzhag la dpyad pa”; Geoffrey Samuel, “A short history of Indo-Tibetan alchemy”; Tetsu Nagasawa, “Eaten by primordial wisdom: transmutation of the physical body in the Rdzogs chen tradition”; Denise Glover, “Classes in the classics: Historical changes in plant classification in two Tibetan medical texts”; Susan Heydon, “‘The greatest news’: Khunde Hospital and childbirth in a Sherpa community in Nepal”; Nupur Pathak, “The influence of dietary beliefs and socio-economc factors on maternal health of exile Tibetans in contemporary Dharamsala”; Barbara Gerke, “Tibetan Treatment Choices in the Context of Medical Pluralism in the Darjeeling Hills”

PART THREE  Experiences of Medicine, Illness, and Social Change: Ivette Vargas, “Legitimising demon diseases in Tibetan medicine: the conjoining of religion, medicine, and ecology”; Tenjing Bista, “Glo po smon thang gso rig rigs gzhung gdams pa myong grub”; Nyima Tsering, “Bod lugs gso ba rig pa’i slob gso”; Lhapa Phuntsog, “Massage in Tibetan traditional physical training: a brief introduction to the preparatory rubbing method”; Yangbum Gyal, “Bod kyi gso ba rig pa las gna’ deng bod mi’i zas skom gyi skor la cung zad gleng ba”

End-matter: Translated abstracts of papers

2011. Health, Medicine, and Modernity in Tibetan Contexts, eds. Frances Garrett, Sienna Craig, Mingji Cuomu and Mona Schrempf. International Institute for Tibetan and Buddhist Studies GmbH (Germany). 591 pages.